Race = Dragonsword

Age = unknown

Birthday = unknown

Gender = male

Eyes = Red

Hair = none

Height = 3.5ft (sword form) Fluctuates depending on need (dragon form)

Weight = Unknown (seems to be lighter than air in eather form)

Job = assisting Satris

Weapons = He is his own special wepion. he is the lighthawk sword that Satris has carried with him for milleniums but its true power is only just being revieled.

Powers = It is adept with all types of power in sword form. In its dragon form however it takes the color of its elemental perfection. it has though another form where it turns a silvercolor and will sometimes even bind itself to Satris making them one creature for a time. In this form it takes all magics into itself and becomes incredably powerful and virtually unbeatable.

Personality = It hasnt really shown any except a choosiness in who it lets wield it. It also has shown a strong bond and loyalty to Satris that is incredable.

History = The lighthawk sword was forged eons ago in a faraway land in a huge old mountain fortress. In this fortress an ancient silver dragon had presided for many years as the lord but he eventually grew lonely and tired by himself. He one day scensed that the end was near for him so made two wise acts. His first act was to summon to him the dwarves who were in that land like many others some of the greatest smiths around. They brought there whole guild of miners and smithers and rejoced in the mountain and the dragon was happy at there prosperity. as the time for his end grew near he summoned the greatest smith to him and they together forged a whole new species veriety of elf. Tese elves are called the silver elves and Satris is the only one of these elves in Evermore. The dragon then let the elves grow and prosper in the mountain with the dwarves and they grew older and fair of skin but it always held an almost unnoticable silver sheen. The dragon then went ! into the deepest largest hall in the building to doe where i as his final action turned himself into a stone staue lying on the floor with its mout agape. The only peice that wasnt stone though was the fire which the dwarves found they could bring out and so the dragon forge was made. The dwarves first creation in its fires was the lighthawk sword which the great dragons spirit slipped into. This sword was made in the dragon forge first because the dragons flame was the only thing that exists that is hot enough to melt the metel from the metiors. The elves and dwarves lived long and prosperously in the mountain until the day came that Satris set out with the sword to claim there destany and the rest is another story.

Quote = "as long as there is time i will prevail"