Race = Dark elf

Age = never ask a lady her age

Birthday = Gelly 79

Gender = Female

Eyes = Black

Hair = silvery

Height = 5'9

Weight = also not something you ask a lady

Job = Mistress off the Dark Chance(or whats left of it) in other words Queen

Weapons = Daggers and a bow

Powers = Black, SHadow, elven magics

Personality = Cold and calculating. She is a skilled hunter and always finishes what she starts.

History = Levianna was away on busness for only a few days. But when she reterned to her home she found it in ruens. With no trace of her father..not even his body, She clamed the throne. the only remaning survivers are her air ship crew who went with her on her trip. they are the last of there poeple.

Quote = "Don't run...you'll only die tired."