Race = Not Sure

Age = 21ish

Birthday = October 21st

Gender = Male

Eyes = Blue

Hair = Hair

Height = 6'7"

Weight = 270

Job = Whatever he can get

Weapons = Dark Reaver - A blade that if struck into the body of any creature it creates a rot type magic that slowly kills the enemy.
Great Orbb - A huge orb that is able to create smaller orbs that are like fire bombs. Thats the only use found for it now.
Tiger "Heraa" - Just a tiger.

Powers = Dark Matter - A quick darkness attack that hits all in the room.
Dark Blast - Is used to his one quick darkness attack on any one person.
Dark Mist - A mist that slowly kills enemies inside.
Final Flash - A huge blast of energy that is capabale of destroying a planet if blasted into the planet.
Death Bomb - His ultimate attack, ends any fight extremely quickly but it takes a long time to charge up.
Big Bang - A one handed energy attack that aims for the targets gut and sends them into a stunned state.

Personality = Very Cold, Although if he gets to know you he's extremely sociable. Thinks of everyone as an idiot. Not to sure about that one. Not much a personality.

History = He has been here before. His first major battle was with (Omega I think it was not sure.) This fight went on and on. Omega was so desperate to destroy Evermore that he split Kzerza into two different personalities, his good side and his completely evil side. What he didnt count on was Claw and Fergard interferring. Claw and Fergard held off Omega long enough for the Evil Kzerza to nearly kill Omega, and The Good Kzerza. Claw and Fergard evacuated leaving Kzerza with Omega and the 3 Blades. This ended in disaster although because 1 of the 3 blades were destroyed (X-Calibur) Kzerza saved his blade the Dark Reaver and Omega saved his. They were then later forced on to a planet together for a crash landing and a crash course on how to deal with other people. Eventually they were saved, and Omega and Kzerza began to fight again this time Omega attempted to launch the Ragnarok a powerful starship in order to destroy Evermore. Kzerza again thrwarted him but was blasted ! off into space. He remembers nothing of what happened after this. But when he landed on Evermore again he carried a cloak on his body and met with Claw again during the re-construction of Evermore. He then met Kurtis Claw. A small battle ensued Kzerza had to leave so he did. When he came back again he met Dark Angel in a rather bad state. (This part is kinda foggy if I forget you helped sorry) Lika, He, Claw, and Wizard battled Dark Angel, but had no effect because he was in his domain. Dark Angel proceeded to destroy Evermore. Kzerza again had to back out because of pressing buisness elsewhere. He then came back one last time and awaits his postion in the tournament.

Quote = AGH!