Race = Elf

Age = 126

Birthday = Feb 14

Gender = Male

Eyes = Brown

Hair = Black

Height = 6' 2"

Weight = 183 lbs.

Job = Aima's Guardian

Weapons: Murasame > Masamune > Mastermune > Galactic Mastermune > Murasame II > Masamune II > Mastermune II > Galactic Mastermune II (All of which are unbreakable) Diamond Katana

Powers = Ice Elemental Magic
Holy Offensive Magic

Personality = He is a run-of-the-mill warrior for hire and has a quite hollow personality.

History: Born in an Elven village, I was raised along with Aima Volnutt. My full name is Kyle Foreve. Unknown to both of us but our parents had engaged myself to Aima and we are still clueless to this fact, or at least I am, I don't know about Aima. After Aima was taken away, I trained in the art of swordsmanship under my mentor, Lord Hyren, Aima's uncle, who married Aima's father's sister. Lord Hyren trained me by giving me the greatest lessons in the land, him being a descendent of the great Alma. After many years, I was around 122 years old, I found the legendary Murasame in the forest near Evermore. It was truly one of the greatest moments of my life. Anyways, I soon tracked my long time friend down to her escape into Evermore, so I set out to reunite with her and fight along side her.

Quote = Shut up or you shall be punished.