Race = Human

Age = 35

Birthday = ?

Gender = Male

Eyes = brown

Hair = brown

Height = 5feet 11 in

Weight = 200 lbs

Weapons = Guns. This guy has a lot of guns, and a lot are hidden in his coat. Everything from shotguns to handguns to machineguns. A Dragon Blade (a sword) is hanging across his back. His sword is almost always a death sentance to those it strikes.

Powers = He has access to trick shooting as well as charging energy into his attacks. They are always dead on accurate. Technomancy

Personality = Nice enough fella, but doesn't like Dragon.

History = One of Dragon's old apprentices. He turned on Dragon after being taught a lot of fighting techniques. The Dragon Blade he carries is one from a set of mystical swords wrought by Dragon long ago.