Kalandorik Greklaron

Race = Elf

Age = 231

Birthday = Febuary 29

Gender = Male

Eyes = Emerald Green

Hair = Forest Green

Height = 5'6"

Weight = 130

Job = Fletcher/Treasure Hunter

Weapons = Oak Bow: Fires arrows with twice the speed of a normal arrow. Kal's ability increases fast as he uses the bow more and more.

Powers = Arrow enchantment: The ability to make enchanted arrowheads and use the arrows effectivly in battle.

Personality = Kal keeps to himself most of the time but when he searches for treasure he allies, on his extra time he plays flutes or lutes to encourage warriors to fight.

History = Kal comes from one of the elf kingdoms to the far east and is highly trained in the martial arts and can fend for himself when he's all alone. He's skilling in foraging, tracking, and pouching.

Quote = "Mother nature shall give me the power to fulfil my rightful deeds."