Race = Giantman

Age: True Age: Unkown. Earth Age: 37. Assumed Age: 5000.

Gender = Male

Eyes = Brown

Hair = Brown

Height = 9'2''

Weight = 357lbs

Job = Hunter, Assasin

Weapons =Transcending sword: A long, slender sword, its middle is dark gray, witht the edge, or the actual blade, is white. Unknown yellow runes are printed up/down on the actual center. Power: It can cast any type of magic, and its stong type is rune magic. The magic can affect any beign if it hits. Black Sycthe: It is realy closer in appearce to a scimtar that a sycthe, It is black all over. The handle and hilt are lighter black or gray. Powers: It is entwined with Black Energy; the darkness flows from it with every sweep. It can call forth the darkest powers. Others: Grandok has a vareity of regular weapons which he can summon.

Powers = Black: Evil Gate Dark power Black Thunder Disepel Magic Black Inferno Dark Storm Evil Wonder Zap Fry Destructo-Wave Chaos-Wave Terror-Wave Devistation-Wave Dark Fry Evil Eye Black Mace Dark Rain [Final Blow Octo-Strike (Weapon Spells)]
Elemental: Ice Valk Pheniox Dragon Thunder Beast Mirror Fire Ball Ice Crystal Thunder Flood Barrier [Ice Power Stone Power Flame Power Water Power Luna Magic (Weapon- Enhancing Magic)]
Healing: Heal Us All Heal Us Heal All Heal Champion Stronger Strong Cure Water Remedy Revive Vivify
Grandok has control over a variety of magical attacks; he knows most spells in Elemental. He can also Summon any weapon that he knows about, or summon forth some personal 'minions'. He also is skilled in Dimensional, which means If his being is split, He can never realy die.

Personality = Silent, generaly stays to himself. If provoked, or attack, can get very fierce. Likes to have companions, because he knows that he can't do everything and anhything. Loves adventuring, and killing monsters. Wants to be THE best WarriorMage ever.

History = His full historty is unkown, but the furthest back that is know is... He was imprissioned in the Dark Realm. In the DR, he made quite a few lackeys, which he calls his 'Demons'. After about 5000 years, he was released, but in the freedom, he lost part of himself. He still had most of his powers, but he was hidden, the powers would come out in time. His Demons still folowed him in the Dark Dimension, a rift between the DR and the real world, so that they could be with him when he called. He was re-born on earth, in Plasmordia. When he was 17, he was called in to the Plamordian Civil War. It lasted for about 6 years, then after the war he sailed out from Plasmordia to seek out his life. Soon when he landed, he fell in love with the charming Genevera. one year later they married. Shek, Genevera's nephew, was now Grandok's nephew. The marrigage didn't last long, for left-over forces from the Civil War came for him. Grandok had to flee. He didn't ever find out what had happened to his wife and nephew. He then wandered out into the world. He then settled down in a town 700miles away from the coast. There, he trained himself in the church's way, making him into a powerful mage. He stayed for 6 years, so he wasn't able to complete his training. The world was calling. 1 year latter, he came to Cresant Lake. He tried to rebel against Kolman, but was caught and imprisoned for 5 years. He escaped, and quickly made his way to Windor, a town he had heard about in CL. >From there, he wandered on the road for another year, looking for a nice city to belong to.Grandok then settled in Evermore.