Race = Shapeshifter

Age = unkown

Birthday = unkown

Gender = male

Eyes = unkown

Hair = unkown

Height = uknown

Weight = unknown

Weapons = SEE: skills

Powers = Shapeshift: his only power, it is still far-reaching. He can change into anything in a second; angel-ghost-man-beast-shadow all in a blink of an eye. He can also mimic any attack, though magical attacks and power attacks are hardest; physical attacks are best because he can morph his arms/whatever to the weapon used.

Personality = He acts all-mighty, and could take anyone down with the right forms. He'll take off your head in a second if you agitate him. He can never be found, you have to go looking for him. He's only around when he wants to be.

History = He has been shapeshifting so much, noone knows his true stats. Even he doesn't know his original race!

Quote = "Who to kill you with?"