Race = Succubus

Age = 893

Birthday = Jan. 5

Gender = female

Physical Description = Gorgeous of course, considering her race. She's just plain hard to resist.

Weapons = Diamond Dagger-made of diamond plain and simple, no magic has yet been invoked into it.

Powers = All of her kind have the strongest of charm spells. Of course, mostly her charm can only be used on male creatures. Also has super-human strength. I don't know if you consider immortality a power or an ability, but she's got it. Plus the ability to look dazzling no matter what she wears.

Personality = Mainly evil, but not completely. She loves to toy with her prey, but not for torture, just for her own delight. She serves no real higher power, but tends to side with evil, although she has taken up the fight in good causes a couple of times...maybe for personal gain....who knows. Other than that she's pretty outgoing.

History = Well, as in most cases, she was made the way she is by the male of her kind called an incubus. Being how old she truly is she doesn't remember much about her human life. She once served higher powers of evil, but broke away to basically do whatever she wants.

Quote = Oh...hello there big fella.