Fergard Mentar


Race = CursÚd

Age = 36

Birthday = March 13

Gender = Male

Eyes = Fiery Red

Hair = White

Height = 6'0

Weight = 175

Job = Mercenary

Weapons =His wristblades: Made out of an alloy including adamentium and other sacred and rare metals. Forged in Fergard's one shop he takes pride in showing them off when his temper thins. Two tines are straped onto each are with serated blades.
For the Emerald sword it's: Bought at an auction by Fergard and has an emerald aura around it, glowing more radiant when it's near a powerful magic user. Has the ability to keep it's wielder nurish (the green aura represents plants which are used to give nutrients to it's wielder). Encrusted in jewels and has golden slivers up the blade in runic designs.
Feral Claws: His nails are made from the obsidian of volcanoes and the skin on his hands are extra strong and immune to fire damage (most likely when a fire attack occures either his wristblades of hands will absorb the attack to his advantage). His skin is tinted blue due to an incident long before passed.
Vorpal Sword (this is the new one): In the shape of a short swords it's easy to use and a great weapon for assassins. The weapon's attack is very strange in the way then when attacking instead of hitting the armor it does nothing. Because of this it can only piece cloth and flesh. It's best to use in suprise attacks which should kill automatically or mortally wound the victim. It has a redish aura that shows through the transparency. Because of it's aura it's cursed with Blood Lust but no one knows but Fergard. It sucks the victim's blood and if inserted into the cranium it'll suck out the victim's brains and give Fergard their knowledge and powers.

Powers = Augmentation, extra strength + dexterity, morphing, forgery, withstand captivity (when put into a prison cell or barrier Fergard can walk right through it), resist mind control, telepathic links (locked, when he sends them no one can intercept the message), fire resisant + absorbant, ability to memerize a spell whenever cast (around him, at him, etc).

Magics = Fire, Shapeshifting, Time, Dark, Summon, Useless, Legendary, Necromancy (Black), Water.

Personality = Although his appearance has been altered he still holds the ability to charm os disgust anyone he comes into contact with. He's currently a resident of Evermore where he's the Commander of the now corrupted Royal Guards.

History = Born as a half breed Fergard grew up in a very peaceful city but was taunted endlessly. Due to his angelic mother Fergard had the natural power to learn and use magic. His first magic learned was that of Time where he would go on expeditions to search for rare and exquisit items. The council of elders in the city where Fergard lived banished him for misusing his abilities and toying with the past. As his knowledge grew he became more and more hungry for power. When he was trained in the magics of dark his mind and soul were corrupted and his mind turned evil. His human and angel blood were completely disappated until he became a being of pure evil.