Dominick Lynn Enmus

Race = Human

Age = 22

Birthday = 04/19

Gender = Male

Physical Description = A shorter man with messy black hair. About 5 foot 1 inch. He weighs almost 150 lbs. Currently, he is wearing a green tuxedo with black stripes and a pink tie.

Weapons = He can freeze people in place for about 1.7 seconds and is very skilled with axes. Dominick is also nice at climbing.

Powers = Ice Magic;Axe Skills;Climbing

Personality = Dominick is very social and likes to hang out at taverns. He usually tells the story of how he escaped from his burning house. He likes talking and never shuts up. He oftens speaks before he thinks.

History = Dominick is completely German and moved to Evermore on business. He has yet to release what that is. Dominick's mother died when he was 12, she was burned in his very home. Dom and his father barely made it out with their dog, Rowl. Dominick is very intune with German culture and is a fan of magic and history.

Quote = "Did I just say that?"