Cybernetic Ninja

Race = Ragion

Age = unknown(imortal)

Birthday = none

Gender = male

Physical Description = Looks like the ninja from metal gear solid 1, also known as grey fox.

Weapons = a tritantium katana, stealth camo, adamanteum armour, night vision

Powers = Can dissapear(stealth camo) and is extreamly fast, and agile, strong, and smart

Personality = Hes nice but hates seeing people are insulted

History = He was Zenith, But was killed by a mutated bug, and reconstructed into a ninja in a experimental stage, but he slaughtered the scientists and wrecked the lab, Zeniths past is already known

Quote = Know yourself, and know your enemy, and shall be undeafeated in a hundred battles. -sun tzu the art of war