Age: 25

Race: Unitaur (centaur with a unicorn's horn)

Height: 7'

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Fur Color: Black

Attire: A jeweled tiara with a hole for her horn, a pair of black leather gloves that extend past her elbows, a spiked collar around her neck, spiked bracelets around her wrists and ankles, four metal horseshoes, and a black leather saddle that matches the gloves and spiked bracelets.

Hand Alignment: Left

Weapons: A segmented sword that separates and extends to become a whip.

Personality: Her most noticeable characteristic is that she loves to fight. In fact she often goes around intentionally causing trouble with people, just so she can get into a brawl with them. She loves the thrill of battle. She sees battle not as a mere way to survive, but as a form of art that she intends to master. However, anyone who could get past her near-sadistic obsession with fighting, they might find out that she's a pretty good person once you get to know her. Not kind or gentle by any means, but a good person, nontheless.

Origins: As a young girl, othe centaurs made fun of her because of her unicorn horn. She ran away at a young age, and wandered for most of her life. She never stayed in one place, or with one group of people, but she was generally raised by humans. She has developed a loathing of other centaurs. Not simply because they made fun of her as a child, but because she has come to see them as stubborn, arrogant, and stuck-up. She wears a saddle and horseshoes, things that most centaurs would never dream of wearing, simply to mock them as a species.

Quote: "I'm not angry, dammit, I'm passionate!"