Alexo of the Blazin Dragons

Race = human

Age = 26

Birthday = 18 May

Gender = male

Eyes = white

Hair = silver

Height = 6`0

Weight = 160lbs

Job = Royal guard

Weapons = OniSword(see pic) and 2 flaming swords

Powers = Deflects most of the attacks with his Onisword Has a invisible fire barrier which only protects imself from any type of fire attacks Can use Fire and Dark magic. Can heal himself with fire(except his own fire attacks cuz then it wont be fair) Can turn into half human half dragon(growns red wings and fangs)

Personality = Very calm and very quiet,he is the most loyal friend or ally anyone can have. He is also calm during fights but when he knows the fight will be hard,he becomes aggressive. He is also not used to talking to people since he hadnt talk to people sice 26 years.

History = There used to be a faraway land where no living creatures could,was never in war and there wasnt any conflicts.One day,the prince was born with a unusual birthmark on his right arm(flame).This was the sign that dragons will take him away to teach him the arts of the Blazing Dragons.On that night,the dragons attacked and killed everything in that little town and took the baby away to a hot volcano.For 26 year,Alexo had been raised by the dragons,trained and disciplinned.When the time came,the dragons let him go to have a normal life like a human should have.He then stumbled in a well recognized city called Evermore...

Quote = Living all your life in the dark,is no little walk in the park...