Race = Half Elf / Half Human

Age = 21

Birthday = Feb. 8

Gender = Female

Eyes = Green

Hair = Green

Height = 5' 3"

Weight = 97 lbs.

Job = Former Slave

Weapons = Moon Sabre (A sabre like weapon made out of pure energy that Aima can create at any time. But, it takes some time to power up to be very offensive.)

Powers = Defensive Magic (Healing, Protection, etc.)
Wind Elemental Offensive Magic
Lightning Elemental Offensive Magic (Eventually)

Personality = Aima is a kind of girl that wants a place to call home. She hates to remember what had happened when Evermore was attacked but at that time, she was freed during the commotion. She is not one for much conversation, since she lost a lot of use of her voice over the years.

History = Aima was a very nice girl at one point in her life. She didn't have much money but her family was happy. Though that didn't last long. At one point, her family went too poor to live in such bad areas, they needed money badly. They held out for a week but when Feb. 7 came around, the day before she became 7, her parents sold her into slavery. Since then, she was a slave for 14 or 15 years of her life, and she lost much knowledge she had before and nearly lost her ability to speak. She can still talk a little but her voice is very dulled at this point in her life. When she escaped so long ago, a priest blessed her with the abilities to use the Moon Sabre, a blade of pure energy, and plenty of defensive magic. At first, her body had to adjust to having the energy blade inside her body but the magic she was fine with. She soon traveled to Evermore, where a kind mage, one of the few left, taught her how to use her wind elemental magic. He also awakened her natural a! bility in the lightning element but he never taught her to use it. He said he'd teach her in time but when she left to train, several guards came and killed the old mage. Aima was beyond devastated afterwards. She was so grief stricken, that she didn't care when she summoned the Moon Sabre. She didn't care when one of the guards gave her her scar on her left cheek. And she didn't care when she killed every single guard there. Since then, she was hunted by many people whether they were mercs, assassins, killers, and even citizens. However, when she found out about the resistance, she was convinced that they could help her be free once again and she could help them take back Evermore. She has been trying to join, while staying alive, ever since.
Wanted: Dead or Alive (preferably dead)
Name: Aima
Gender: Female
Wanted for killing many soldiers and others.
Reward: $1,000,000

Quote = "........"