A n g e l

Complete Name: Angel Temprevor Oshimi

Present Form: Physical, with the ability to change to spirit form.

Personalities: Angel or Dark Angel or Transcended.

Species: Angel of time and reality - darkness and light.

Age: Is not within time's grasp.

Birthdate: Not known, but it it writen in the Oshimi books that a weapon was fashed from time and reality itself, but with the will of a living bein.

Created: Within the realm of Oshimi, from time and reality.

Height: 6' 11"

Weight: 255 lbs.

Wing Span: Relic Wings - 8' 71/3" Mystic Wings - 11' 9 3/5"

Physical Appearance: Angel stands a tall six feet and eleven inches, and with his great wing span reaching almost twice his hight he looks rather scary. His black hair, tinted lightly with red highlights, goes greatly with his pearl white and midnight black eyes. His wings always drap around him and hid his face within the shadows, never to let anyone ,unless he wants them to, see him coming. He is extreamly thin for his height and built, but as he is of an angel this is perfect health and great for flying. He seems hard at sight, but with this personality he is wise beond most.

Weapons: Hantai, a sprial sword that has the ability to twist and turn any magic or energy sent through it. Yuma, a pendant that holds the power of the elements within it, fire, earth, wind, water, ice, dark, light, chaos, and order. Relic wings, a gift given to him by Neo, they have powers still to be uncovered but they add on to his speed greatly with his other wings and enchant his own powers to a point. Staff of Oshimi, a staff made from the moutains of Oshimi, enhanced with the power of the land the the 3 gods before his time, this staff gives him the power of spirit and body. The power in the staff is great, and only he can keep it at a safe level, if not maintained, it can be very dangerous. Mystic Wings, these are his real wings that he was created with, they have many powers and abilities that tie into who Angel really is. Pendant of Time and Darkness, a pendant entrusted to him after defeating the world eater with Cloud. Carrying this pendant shows that he is the guardian of time and darkness.

Quote: "Death and life are all one in the same. To understand one, you must live them both."
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Magic Card- Part of the Evermore Trading Card Series. This rare card shows the three forms of Angel. His Spirit Form facing right. Dark Angel in demon form over top Angel who is looking right. This card can only be awarded by Angel. (x ???)

Evermore Card- Part of the Evermore Trading Card Series. A rare card showing the old Evermore Castle and around it the old Town. This was traded with Claw for a Magic Card.