Intro & Overview -- Page 8


Intro & Overview -- Page 8

Your Brain On Eckankar Eckankar does strange things to your mind. You see "signs" all over. They're called "waking dreams." If a light bulb burns out, it means you're not getting enough "light" in your life and you should "hu" more. If your muffler has rusted and falls off, it means you'd better stop gossiping (it happened to Klemp!). If you see a blue light anywhere, for example---a blue porch light, it means the Master is with you and trying to tell you something. Here are some examples of cultic thinking:

James Paul Davis in "The Dream Weaver Chronicles", after an Eckankar campout at Newberry Volcano in Oregon:

"That had been the weekend I perceived so many waking dreams of the Holy Fire sweeping across the world, symbolically igniting the flames of physical forest fires all around us. It was two days after Iraq invaded Kuwait.

On October 22nd, the United States Senate voted to make Newberry Volcano a national monument! When I read this in the newspaper on Tuesday morning, I thought, This is perfect. The political leadership of America, by this act of Congress, is acknowledging my Holy-Fire waking dreams. Of course they don't know it---but that doesn't matter."

Harold Klemp in "Ask the Master, Book Two" - "Surprising Answers That Can Change Your Life"

Q: "Recently at a seminar I got food poisoning. This was unusual for me. Any insights?"

Klemp responds: "Out here it may be food poisoning, but the real reason is often that you were a guard of the inner circle and got into combat for love of the ECK. For this I thank you."

Klemp writes in one of his autobiographical books, "Child In The Wilderness," of having received God-Realization on a bridge. After this, he was detained by the authorities when he started to remove his clothes at a public airport. Instead of being jailed, he was confined to a mental institution . . . where he writes of "inner-plane" experiences battling evil entities with the "Sword of the Sugmad."

This cultic thinking permeates every area of the cult member's life, and mind. Here's another example:

Diamond star (
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:00:48 GMT
Subject: The Colours 

Someone wanted me to come to Minneapolis and wear a white suit. Well, actually, I did that in Washington D.C. in the 1980's. It was at that convention that I discovered that there is more than just the physical, easy to see structure of ECKANKAR, and that colours that we wear on a day to day basis are part of the spiritual experience.

For one thing, I was there with my brother so I had chosen to bring the most modest night attire I had. This consisted of a mint green nightgown that I had purchased several years before, and a mauve quianna caftan that I had made, also many years before. I put these on and walked out into the living room of our suite. I said to my brother, "I match the room." which I did for it was decorated in these two same seemingly uncoordinated colours. He said, rather wonderously, "I know." We both thought about this for awhile and I said, "Well, I guess it means that I was meant to be here and that the circumstances that would get me here were in the works for many years before I even considered coming."

Each day of the seminar I sought the ECK's guidance as to which of my clothes to wear. Then I went out and about my business. I had not signed up for any of the events, but just let spontaniety take me where it would. I found myself doing things that I had not realized I was there to do. I'm not complaining. I know I scared at least one person who was giving a lecture, but then I was just following the ECK around.

As I was pondering this, I found that I had wandered into the auditorium where Sri Harold would be giving his talk that evening. It was empty at this hour except for one person up on the stage who was moving around the sound equipment. I looked up at him, and he stopped what he was doing and looked at me and we sort of froze like that for a couple minutes. You see, he and I were dressed exactly the same. I don't mean he was wearing women's clothes or that I was wearing mens, but we were both wearing a white polyester suit, a pale blue shirt, and a light gray tie, my suit and tie being feminine and his being for men. We didn't say anything to each other, and then I walked away pondering this situation. I have since learned more about what was going on, but it was interesting to note that you can often learn more by not attending the activities than you can from following a planned schedule. I think that young man is out there, perhaps on the a.r.e. If you recognize this story, please let me know.

Love, Rose

Another example which comes to mind is the story another Eckist told....he recognized the woman who would become his wife because she was wearing an eck-symbol necklace. When I find the post, I'll insert it here.

And where did things like this begin? Well, Paul Twitchell himself saw strange "signs" everywhere . . . for example:

"Generally we can tell whether he is a real master for a certain number, usually seven, golden plovers will precede his arrival." Illuminated Way Letters, Page 48


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