Cabrini College

Summer II 1999

Dr. Michael Edmondson

HIS 108

June 29 Lecture Topic: Rebuilding and Expanding (1865-1898)

Video: The Molly Maguires

July 1 Lecture Topic: The Socialist Response and War (1898-1918)

Video: The Guns of August

Article Discussion: "Coxey's Army" and "What Really Sank the Maine"

July 6 Lecture Topic: The 1920s and Great Depression

Video: Inherit the Wind

Article Discussion: "Fateful Voyage of the Lusitania"

July 8 Lecture Topic: Interwar Diplomacy

Video: Yanks in Siberia

Article Discussion: "The Blomberg Sex Scandal"

July 13 Lecture Topic: World War II (1939-1945)

Video: Select Scenes from Saving Private Ryan and Stalingrad

Article Discussion: "Calais"

July 15 Lecture Topic: Emerging From the Ashes (1945-1953)

Video: Halberstam's The 1950s, Part I

Article Discussion: "Against All Odds"

July 20 Lecture Topic: 1950s Political/Diplomatic

Video: Halberstam's The 1950s, Part II

Article Discussion: "The Alger Hiss Spy Case"

July 22 Lecture Topic: 1950s Cultural/Social

Video: Halberstam's The 1950s, Part III

Article Discussion: "The Story of a CIA Coup"

July 27 Lecture Topic: JFK and LBJ

Video: Select Scenes from the Assassination Tapes and JFK (Oliver Stone film)

Article Discussion: "New Light on Gulf of Tonkin"

July 29 Lecture Topic: Nixon, Ford & Carter

Video: Watergate

Article Discussion: "Who Killed Dr. King?"

August 3 Lecture Topic: Republican Revolution? And Beyond

Video: John Stossel's Report

Article Discussion: "Space Shuttle"

August 5 Exam