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Club Directions

                    Take the L.I.E. to Exit 49 North (Route 110).  Follow this for a few miles and cross over Jericho Tpk. (Route 25).  After this intersection, you will merge with New York Ave. and will almost immediately pass a 7-11 on the left.  Follow New York Ave. for a few more miles.  You will pass underneath a train tressel and continue on.  You will eventually head down a long hill and pass between a cemetary on the left and a Friendly's on the right.  Make a left at the next light and continue to the following light which is Greene St. (hence the name Finley's of Greene St.)  Go down one block and the club will be just past the stop sign on your left.
Napper Tandy's(Massapequa)-
                    Take the Southern State Parkway to Exit 32 South (Route 110).  Cross over Sunrise Highway (Route 27) and continue on.  When you enter what looks more like a town get ready because the road is going to split.  Take the road to the left and follow all the way to the end.  Turn right onto Merrick Highway (heading West).  You will pass by a few car dealerships and then the club will be on your left, just before a 7-11.
Napper Tandy's(Northport)-
                    Take the L.I.E. to Exit 53.  Pass by the first exit, take the second which is the Sunken Meadow Parkway North.  Take this all the way to the last exit which is Exit 5W (25A towards Huntington).  If you go any further, you'll wind up in a State Park.  Follow this road for a few miles until you enter Northport.  You will pass by a McDonald's on the left.  Follow until the light after this which will have a Dunkin' Donuts on the left.  At this intersection, make a right onto Laurel Road. As you are making the right, you will see the club right in front of you.  So, what you really want to do is fake to the right and continue straight and long.  We'll pass it to you.
Lily Flanagan's(Wantagh)-
                    Take the Southern State to Exit 28 South (Wantagh Ave.).  Follow this past three lights and it's in the shopping center on the left.  Be careful, there's too much happening on this road and if you hit Sunrise Highway, you've gone too far.
Willie McBride's-
                    Take the L.I.E. to the Mid Town Tunnel.  On the other side, stay to the left heading downtown.  At 34th St., make a right.  If you were lucky enough to sit at the light, you may have noticed the Lincoln Tunnel Sign straight ahead.  If you didn't, have no fear, you will see many of them.  Follow these signs to the Lincoln Tunnel and head in.  On the other side of your second underwater experience, stay to the right and follow to Hoboken.  You will go up a hill and over a small bridge and will now be on Willow Ave.  Follow this all the way to 8th St.and make a right.  Follow this to Grand and make a left.  Go 1-1/2 blocks and the club will be on the right.

If you don't see the directions here, we're probably lost, too!
 We'll update as soon as we can!!

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