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Band Biography

         Allison started performing at a very young age in numerous musical theater productions.  Her life-long goal is to be on Broadway.  She's been performing professionally, whether dancing, singing or acting (hence the musical theater!) since she was 14 years old.  This is her third Omnipop band that she has sung in (she played finger cymbals while dressed as a mariachi dancer, fruit and all, in the others). She currently holds a degree in Audio Technology, is currently teaching private voice and piano and is working towards her Music Education degree. Of course, she aspires to open her own studio in the event that Broadway doesn't work.

Ever see Tony dance?          Tony never stops singing.  He's been singing constantly for as long as he can remember. In high school, his friends all told him to shut the hell up.  In Double Dare, his bandmates all tell him to shut the hell up (some things never change).  Tony started singing in high school when he took chorus because he wasn't allowed to have two study halls. He liked it. He then started doing musical theater. He studied theater for two years, then studied music for three. He's been in numerous original bands, and an internationally ranked barbershop quartet. He plans to become an elementary school teacher, and is currently a certified reading therapist and private tutor.

After 28 years and driving the band crazy, he finally graduated!          Bill is the man who has three hands in the band and the man we call Masta "B".  If he's not playing keyboards, he's playing rhythm guitar or tweaking the sound.  His favorite hobby is buying equipment for the band (STOP!!! We don't need any more STUUUFFFF!!!). Bill moved down here from upstate to attend Five Towns College where he began his journey towards developing his skills as a jazz musician.  While teaching in the Hempstead School District, performing and spending every cent he made, he completed his Master's of Music Education.  There are times when getting up after a late night gig is a challenge but worth it.  It's a lot for one man, but that's Bill!

          Everyone else is an amoeba that has no life to tell of. When they get one, we'll share it with you!  

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