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Like a little train that couldn't,
I no longer want to try.
Like a plant that gets no sunlight,
I slowly wilt and die.
My stomach has known hunger.
My body has known pain.
My brain cannot stay focused,
as I start to go insane.
I used to think that I could do it,
that I could pass the test.
Thought I'd always be a winner
if I always tried my best.
But my best wasn't good enough
to carry me through life.
I worked so hard but all I found
was suffering and strife.
I've given up my hopes and prayers.
I've given up my dreams.
I wallow in my misery,
and the tears come down in streams.
So if ever you see a little train
at the base of an incline,
or find a plant that got no chance
to bask in the sunshine,
please offer them compassion,
and try to give them hope,
lest they end up just like me,
now hanging lifeless from a rope.

Written by Darkcranium

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