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12/90 Me at a Casino in Lake Tahoe.

07/94 Kelly Kinker playing Spot from Little Rascals. (47kb)

04/98 Us at the Rainforest Cafe next to Disney's Animal Kingdom, (62kb)
after photographing "Two Monkeys" in the Tree of Life. (89kb)

08/98 Bandit Whitford enjoying his boat ride. (104kb)

My friend Lou, at the Hommasasso State Park. (82kb)

09/98 Long hair and my truck - neither of which I now have. (80kb)

10/98 Aaron off a balcony in Cedar Key. (27kb)

10/98 Aaron feeds the Giraffe a biscuit... (123kb)
and then gets "thanked" by the Giraffe! (126kb)

04/99 An 80-ft. pine tree in my yard about to come down, (120kb)
and another hanging right over my car! (118kb)