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Devil My boyfriend, Aaron, moved in in April of '98 with a dog older than dirt. She's very sweet but deaf as a doornail. Devil (joke of a name for such a nice dog) was willed to Aaron by a very sweet old lady, several years before we met.  This dog was on a ton of medication and was extremely overweight.  The sweet old lady cooked this dog her every meal.  She thought Aaron was sweet too; he often played with Devil when he and his dad visited her for house repairs.  Aaron wasn't about to pick up where Mary left Devil at.  Devil was going deaf and Aaron wanted her to know she was, in fact, a dog.  He began feeding her dog food, and getting her off the medications.  After several days of refusing to eat "dog food", she conceded.  Her weight dropped to normal, and before long she was off all her unnecessary medications, and began leaping around.  She had spent a lot of time on the back porch of Aaron's former abode with a very old dog.  It was quite a shock for her to move in with Hershey and I.  Hershey tried to play with her, but Devil isn't much of a wrestler. We still can't let her out of the large pen, however, because she's been known to wander off and not return by herself.  It's not like we can "call" her!!!

Dashboard Since Hershey, two of my kitty's died, within two years of each other.  Both lived 13 years of a spoiled life. Scamp died first.  He was my first real pet, besides something like a gerbil or hampster.  Cocoa was lost for a long time.  It took her a couple of months to stop looking for him.  Then she got used to the idea of being the "only child".  Sometime around the first week of March Aaron's mom called to see if we wanted or knew someone who wanted a kitty.  "She is really sweet", she said, but because they already had a bad experience with a stray in the past, she didn't want to upset Nuetie, the cat-king of thier castle.  So we drove down there, just 8 miles for our house, and took her home.  Aaron has a big black pick-up.  This kitty sat on the dashboard the entire way home.  We tried to pick her up and hold her or seat her, but "no", she wanted to be on the dash, hence the name Dashboard, or DB, as we like to refer to her.  Her?  Well that's another story.  After several days of "she" this and "she" that, Aaron had her upside down, in his arms, petting her belly.  "Baby?  Come here and tell me if this is what I think it is."  Sure enough, she was a nuetered "he!"  It took a long time to naturally call him "him" after the first impression of "her."

Daisy In April of  this year, a former colleague of mine was trying to find a home for her 5-month old Shepherd/Lab mix. Her family was relocating, and this hyper dog was too much to handle, especially for her young twins. So I called my boyfriend who insisted I bring her home, if not for his friend, then his parents...well...guess who has her now. Her name is Daisy, and although we weren't crazy about the name, it sure fits her. Ever see The Great Gatsby? Hershey loves having someone she can play with. It will be interesting to see, in a year, when Daisy outweighs Hershey, as we expect.