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New Artist

Here are some new artist that you may have never heard of, Meja, and maybe some you have, Britney Spears. Well, I hope ya like 'em. Remember, you heard about 'em from here first. If you have any new artist you would like to add to the list, e-mail me at

You may know Meja by her new single "All 'Bout The Money"
Britney Spears
I really don't think Britney need any intro.
Imajin you may know with their hits "Shorty You Keep Playin' With My Mind" and "No Doubt"
Jordan Knight
Jordan Knight is a former NKOTB, so he has had his share of fame. But he's back, with his new single "Give It To You"

Jessica Simpson
Jessica is tearin up the music industry with her single "I Wanna Love You Forever" and her album Sweet Kisses. Her next single is "Where You Are" featuring Nick from 98*. The video will premier on Making the Video on Valentines Day at 10:30.

Christina Aguilera
With her single, Genie In A Bottle and What A Girl Whats, racing up the charts, she is pretty busy. Her new video, What A Girl Wants, is doing pretty well on MTv's TRL.

Mandy Moore
With her single, and video, "Candy" out, this 15 year old is blowing the pop scene away. Also, with her new CD out, So Real, she has a hot new video for "Walk Me Home."
You would know this fab, uh, three, by their smash singel "I'll Be Your Eeverything" from the movie Inspector Gaget. Also you can check them out on Disney with there In Concert Special with the UK's smash group, the Steps.