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Battle of the Boy Bands

Hey ya'll! You've heard 'em on the radio. You've seen 'em in magizines. You've may even have about 5 of their CDs. You all know them, there boy bands. Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, Five. If you like 'em, this is the site to be on. E-mail me, if you have anything you want me to put on the site, Kathryn.

I hope you like the site. For some reason, the orignal site had way to much memory, so, It crashed. i had to rebuild the whole site. I'm trying, so.... Dont be too harsh on me. Thanx. Love ya, Kathryn

Congrats BSB for four nomines for the Grammy's. Record of the Year Album of the Year Song of the Year Best Pop Album of the Year!!! Even thought Santana won everything, BSB still did an awesome performance!!

No Strings Attached comes out March 21, 2000!! There are already 1.5 million copies on hold. The import single for "Bye, Bye, Bye" comes out February 29. No need to dispare about NSYNC not winning any Grammys! They are nominated for the BlockBuster Awards, June 2000, and the Kid's Choice Awards, April 2000. In the BBA they are nominated for Fav Group, agianst BSB and 98*, and Fav song from a movie. In KCA, again Fav Group, against BSB, 98*, and TLC.

Congrats to Ms. Aguleria for winning Best New Artist at the Grammy's!!

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