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Realname/Geburtsname: Barret Oliver

Born on August 24th, 1973 in Los Angeles, California/USA

1982 Knight Rider (guestrole, as Buddy in "Knight of the Phoenix" # 1.1)
1984 Highway to Heaven (as Arthur Neeley in "To Touch the Moon")
1985 Tall Tales and Legends (guestrole, as Hendrick)
1986 The Twilight Zone (guestrole, as George in "Gramma" # 1.44)
1988 Hooperman (guestrole, as Anthony in "Me and Mr. Magoo")

1982 Knight Rider (TV, as Buddy, Pilotfilm)
1982 Kiss Me Goodbye / Liebesgrüße aus dem Jenseits (as Little Boy)
1982 Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again (as Child in Supermarket)
1983 Uncommon Valor / Die Verwegenen Sieben (I, as Kid #2)
1984 Invitation to Hell / Exit - Ausgang ins Nichts (TV, as Robbie Winslow)
1984 Frankenweenie / Frankenstein (as Victor)
1984 The NeverEnding Story / Die unendliche Geschichte (as Bastian) Pics #1 Pics #2 Pics #3 Pics #4
1985 D.A.R.Y.L. / D.A.R.Y.L. - Der Aussergewöhnliche (as Daryl) Pics #1 Pics #2
1985 Cocoon / Cocoon (as David) Pics
1986 Spot Marks the X / Ein toller Hund (TV, as Ken Miller)
1987 The Secret Garden / Der Geheime Garten (TV, as Dickon)
1988 Cocoon: The Return / Cocoon II - Die Rückkehr (as David) Pics #1 Pics #2
1989 Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills / Luxus, Sex und Lotterleben (as Willie Saravian)

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