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Astrostar's Telescope Mount Page

The Equitorial Mount

The Equitorial Mount (pictured is Meade LXD-500 EQ mount) lines up with the earth's axis and tracks stars automaticly. The following has been taken from the Meade General Catalog 1999-2000, page 84.

"1. polar angle control- tilts the polar axis of the mount for fine tuned adjustments.

2. Polar angle lock. Locks polar angle in position.

3. Azimuth control- allows precision control of horizontal position.

4. R.A. slow motion control- Turning this knob allows observer to track objects.

5. Dec. slow motion control- Turn the knob to move the scope's tube in a 90 degree position to R.A.

6. Setting circles- these dials permit locating the location of an object by its catalogued position.

7. Polar alignment viewfinder. 8. counterweights- balance scope tube in its motion about the polar axis.

9. Polar axis-Moving the scope about this axis allows tracking of objects.

10. Latitude dial- Indicates observer's latitude for polar alignment."

The Equitorial and alt-azimuth Fork Mount

The Equitorial Fork mount is practicly the same as the Regular equitorial mount. But the alt-azimuth fork mount uses a different type of slewing. The base moves in a 360 degree angle. The "fork" part of the mount moves in a 90 degree angle. Most of the alt-azimuth mounts (that are of good quality ex. the LX-200) can also be attatched to an optional wedge, and when aligned correctly can automaticly become an equitorial mount. The Equitorial mount is pictured on the left (it is the Celestron Cel-star 8 Deluxe) and the Alt-azimuth is pictured on the right (the Meade 8 inch LX-200).

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