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(Magan David [Dawid, Dauid, Da'ud])

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You shall not make unto you any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth (Exodus 20:4).

You shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall you set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am Yahweh your Almighty One (Leviticus 26:1).

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Beware of amens, omens, crosses, images, stars, made by man!

And you took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of the god Remphan, the figures which you made to worship them (Acts 7:43).

The Star of Remphan
The six pointed Star, is it the Star of David?

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By Janet Moser

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Two kinds of idolatry are charged upon the Jews; that of the golden calf and that of the heavenly bodies; Moloch and Remphan, being deities representing powers ascribed to nature under different aspects. So, when self-styled Israelites display a star made from the shape of two Pyramids interlocking one another, and call it "The Star of David"; and connect it with Messiah, or the star of his birth, they commit the same sin of presumption and idolatry as did the Isralites of old. No such star is discribed or mentioned in scripture, except in connection with idolatry.

Perhaps you will recognize the six-pointed star within these two symbols. These symbols did not come from Torah. The six-pointed star did not come from the Torah. Oddly enough, the six-pointed star, as exactly depicted on Israel's national flag and proudly displayed by nearly every Messianic and Jewish organization, is one of the most powerful magical symbols of Satanism and the occult. How can this be? Perhaps it is because the six pointed start has six sides within six points within six triangles making a patterned (666).


Dr. O.J. Graham was a Messianic believer who was challenged by a Jewish friend to defend the use of the Star of David. Dr. Graham firmly believed that his research would prove that the Star of David was in fact an appropriate symbol of the faith of Judaism. However, after four years of research he concluded that all Jewish encyclopedias he had read attested that the star of David was not originally Jewish and was not used as the symbol for any of the twelve tribes of Israel. Jewish sources continually affirmed it wasn't originally Jewish!

Dr. Graham's book traces the six pointed star from Egypt to Solomon, to Arab Magic and Witchcraft, to Druid use and worship of the sun god. His book traces the star from Freemasonry usage to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who, in the 17th century, changed his name to depict the red six-pointed star (or shield) which he had hung on his door in Germany, and thus began the family of "Red Shield" or Rothschild. The research carried on through this family, to their court of arms, to Cabala, to Astrology, to Hitler and his putting a yellow six-pointed star on all Jews during the holocaust, to the Zionist symbol, and finally to the flag of the State of Israel and beyond.

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Hitler and the Six-Pointed Star

It will be supported through articles on LBC that Hitler was an occultist who worshiped Vulcan (Vuhl-kuhn). In Roman mythology, Vulcan was the god of fire, destruction and weapons. He was the son of Jupiter and Juno, the king and queen of heaven. Hitler, fascinated with the occultist Thule society and the writings of Madame Blavatsky, used an ancient sun worship symbol, the swastika, to represent his Third Riech and had another sun symbol, the yellow six pointed stars, painted on all Jews.

The massacre of the Jews today is known as the Holocaust and the word holocaust itself literally means a burnt sacrifice (as in an offering to the gods). The Jews therefore were literally Hitler's burnt offering to the sun god, and, as a student of the occult he would have derived great pleasure from marking the Jewish "sacrifice" with the six pointed star of the sun god.

One entry found for holocaust. Main Entry: ...Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old French holocauste, from Late Latin holocaustum, from Greek holokauston, from neuter of holokaustos burnt whole, from hol- + kaustos burnt, from kaiein to burn -- more at CAUSTIC Date: 13th century 1 : a sacrifice consumed by fire 2 : a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire 3 a often capitalized : the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II -- usually used with the b : a mass slaughter of people; especially : GENOCIDE

Scriptures Talk of a Pagan Star of Israel

Scripture itself speaks of a pagan star (the "star of your gods") which Israel carried about before her. This displeased God, as you might well imagine. While there is no proof that the "star of your gods" referred to in scripture is indeed the actual Star of David used by modern Israel today, it should be pointed out that the star in use today pre-dates the writing of these passages. Therefore it is entirely POSSIBLE that this star is the exact same star that offended God in the past.

"You also carried along Sikkuth your king and Kiyyun, your images, the star of your gods which you made for yourselves." Amos 5:26

"You also took along the tabernacle of Molech and the star of the God Rompha, the images which you made to worship. I also will remove you beyond Babylon. (Acts 7:43) NASB

Again I must stress, regardless of whether or not the six pointed star of Israel is the same star condemned in the scriptures above, the possibility does exist. It is a fact that this same star is a powerful religious symbol in the occult to this day because of its ancient association with the sun god. This, along with the second commandment forbidding us to make any "graven images" should be all that one needs to steer clear of the use of this star for ever. Yet, many Messianics will be up in arms at me for even suggesting that we do away with it.

Now, I ask you, in good conscience can we continue to defend the use of the six-pointed star on our places of worship when there is no scriptural command to do so and in fact all evidence suggest the absolute opposite (make no images) and remove the pagan "star of your gods"? Messianics look down their nose at Christians who will not rid themselves of the pagan symbols of the fish or the Christian "cross", but then catagorically defend the use of a symbol which has no scriptural basis whatsoever. What gives? I pray earnestly that if you are still "unsure" about the use of the Star of David that you do your own research and study the scriptures for the answer.

Flag of Israel

Pope John Paul II Commemorative Coin
(Notice St. Peter's Basilica contains the six pointed star with a giant obelisk rising out of the center.)

Satan Started As A Star

Triangle Vision
Esther's Booth

THE STAR OF DAVID Magen David" The evolution of the
six pointed Jewish star ...

Star Of David
Is It Pagan?
Is it the "Star of Rompha" (Acts 7:43)?

* A seal impression from the Hellenistic period showing a five-pointed star with the ancient Hebrew letters spelling "Jerusalem" spaced between the points. About 30 such impressions have been found in Jerusalem on handles from the Hellenistic period (3rd century BCE). This was apparently a kind of official stamp from a period about which very little is known.

Gay Jewish Symbols

Gay Jew Flag

Beth Chayin Chadashim
Los Angeles

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The World Congress of
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
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Webershtein's Dictionary defines JQ as follows:

n. pl. JQ

1. Events that provide a venue for exploring Jewish GLBT issues in a non-denominational atmosphere, for social, educational and cultural experiences, with a social action spirit. Consisting of Los Angeles Jewish LGBT community members in their 20s and 30s, but all are welcome and cordially invited.

2. The peeps to be with for good times.

3. Oy gevalt... Vas is dis mishugas?

Ant: unfun and boorish

Usage Note: It is widely recognized that the attributive use of the noun JQ, in phrases such as Partay or Social Action, is both sexy and highly enticing to the savvy and urban hip. In such contexts JQ is the only acceptable possibility. Some people, however, have become so fond of this construction that they have extended their homes and time, a practice that carries risks of popularity and undying gratitude.

SOURCE: Religious Online Dicussion

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