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"The Villains"

Roger Howarth as
"Randall Lynch"

Susannah Thompson as "Jane Daniels"

James Morrison as

Alexandra Hedison as "The Attractive Woman"

Vincent Perry as
"Kevin Taylor"

Jennifer Sommerfield as

"Friends and Noble Enemies"

Kaj-Erik Eriksen as

Meghan Perry as
"Kelly Hammond"

Natalija Nogulich as "Dr. Ann Coulter"

Dorian Gregory as
"Karl Hunter"

DB Woodhouse as

"The Team"

Larry Drake as
"Dr. Walter Attwood, Ph.D."   The Lab's director after Anne Coulter's death, he also reports to the U.S. National Security Advisor

Vincent Ventresca as
"Dr. Ed Tate, M.D.;  Ph.D."   A "double doc" and Sloan's friend since college, his specialties are immunology gene therapy...and hacking!

Debra Messing as
"Dr. Sloan Parker, Ph.D."   Anne Coulter's protégé, her specialty is bio-anthropology, the study of a species' culture through it's biology.

Frankie Faison as
"Detective Ray Peterson"    After losing his position on the police force because he helped Sloan, he accepts a job offer from Walter's federal contacts and officially joins the team.

Adam Storke as "Tom Daniels"
A "chameleon" or covert operative for the new species, he was assigned to kill Sloan to suppress knowledge of their existence.  Instead, he protects her from his own kind.