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Shhh.... even though this is out to the public, just don't tell anyone where you find this info. Ok you can. If you put this info on your webpage. Credit me, ok?


To Skip A Level

Press L2 and Start at the same time!

I think you shouldn't do this but it is a secret so here it is. Use this if you go mad trying to beat it. YOu can use this code all the way to the end. If you use this everytime, what's the point of playing? Earn it first

To get Robo-Z's song

when you look in Sounds Option's Music, you don't find Robo-Z's song. Just hold on the left or right button. It will make the title of the songs go by really fast. If you looks carefully you see Robo-Z's song come. It is kind of tricky on how to listen to it. I am not sre but If you get Robo-Z, you get the song without doing all that mumbo Jumbo.

Fever time DUET!

Even if you win you can do Fever time with your opponent. It is pretty cool. You have to dance very well (enough to get Fever time). Both characters have to dance very well. Their score has to be really close. Compared only under 10,000 points. Sounds confusing? ::SIGH:: here is a example:
Heat's score: 135,786 | Shorty's Score: 136,030
^^^^These 2 scores are only 244 points away.^^^^

They scored a lot of points and their scores are close enough to do a Fever Time Duet! ::whew::

Get New Characters

I will credit this code to samuel who e-mailed me this code- To get a new character, you need to get 40,000 points and that's when you fight an new character in the next stage. You can get him by finishing the game (meaning beat every character up to the boss). To get Columbo, use Shorty. Its doesn't matter what level. NOTE: i am not sure of this code

Have a secret? E-mail


Surprising Stuff for each level

Info came from Fiefo. Word for Word. Found it in


Description: The dancers are on top of a moving platform, which is over vats of molten metal!
Excite 1a: The platform reaches the ground and stops moving. (Boring!)
Excite 1b: The platform moves over a vat of molten metal. (Okay)
Excite 1c: All the furnaces in the stage turn off, and the platform enters one of them! It then goes up and reaches Heat's secret room! (looks like Heat's stage in the first game, but without the fire)
Lottery: The elevator button shorts, causing the entire platform to burst into flames!
Music: "The Heat is On", Hip-hop Rap. Slower than in Bust-A-Move 1 (2 Bad), but just as good!
Rest Pattern: 8 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 14 (both) [TOTAL: 62]
Others: Excite 1a occurs if you don't get too many points just after the 2nd dance solo while the other one happens if a whole mess of points are received just after the 2nd dance solo ends. Great stage design!


SUSHI PLANET (Comet/Sushi Boy)

Description: A truck stop restaurant that's shaped like a giant frog. (Yes, that's right! You heard me! A giant frog!) Burger Dog is behind the counter.
Excite 1: The nostrils of the frog-shaped restaurant emit steam.
Excite 2: Burger Dog (from Bust-A-Move 1)* comes up from behind the counter, accompanied by various animals (I think the food here is a bit too fresh!)
Lottery: A rocket crashes into the Sushi Planet. The sign with the picture of Sushi Boy gets knocked loose in the process.
Music: "Magic Tower", alternative rock? Look at the lyrics in the Bust-A-Move-2 Lyrics
Rest Pattern: 24 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 12 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 12 (both) [TOTAL: 72]
Others: I never knew that there are places that sell cheap sushi. I mean, truckers eat sushi? And, what kind of sushi restaurant is that if the food can dance around? Still don't know what Burger Dog* is doing here! (Selling raw burgers?)



Description: The characters dance aboard a raft that gently drifts along the river of the amusement park.
Excite 1: A hippo comes from behind the raft and follows it! Kinda cute!
Excite 2: The volcano suddenly errupts and spews rocks and stuff!
Lottery: Ghosts surround the dancers for a few seconds. (Lame! Lame! Lame!)
Music: "Hizashi no Okuno Happy Heart", strong J-Pop! Not sa good as her original song, "Shorty and the E-Z Mouse" in Bust-A-Groove, or "Watarre Pon!" in Bust-A-Move 1.
Rest Pattern: 12 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 12 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 8 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 16 (both) [TOTAL: 72]
Others: I sorta miss the Wonderland from Shorty's stage in Bust-A-Move 1... and the music. Her song from the original was just so darn CUTE! Even the English version was CUTE!



Description: In front of a bank vault, the character's dance while totally ignoring the poor bank teller tied up in the background! hehe!

Excite 1: Security systems become active and seal the room with bars! Excite 2: The electronic combination of the safe shorts out. The safe opens and a lot of jewels, gold and money is poured out on the dance floor.
Lottery: A hole is blasted in the floor. A couple of crooks (or escaped convicts?) climb out of the newly made hole.
Music: "Hear Comes Trouble", Gangster Rap! Just a bit better than his music in Bust-A-Move 1. By the way, that's the spelling of his song that's in the game, okay? Hey, I'm just copying it as is!
Rest Pattern: 8 (both), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 16 (both) [TOTAL: 56]
Others: Look at the guy in the background. Up to now, I'm not sure if he's trying to get untied or just dancing to the music.



Description: The dancers dance in front of a rich looking Japanese style house.
Excite 1: A giant statue of Buddah is launched and lands on top of the house.
Excite 2: Cannons pop out from the roof of the house and fire cannonball frequently. (Huh?)
Lottery: A dragon comes flying in and encircles the dance floor. Cool!
Music: "Got to be Happy", strongly pop. Cute, though! (Thank God it's not Spice Girls or something on that line of pop music.) You kind of get sick of it after a while because the lyrics sort of sucks.
Rest Pattern: 24 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 8 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 16 (both) [TOTAL: 72]
Others: Is it just me or is the stage sort of revolving around the house? I'm amazed that the dancers don't get accidentally hit by the cannonballs!


SPACE TRIP TO EARTH (Capoeira/ChiChi and Sally)

Description: Dance inside a UFO headed to Earth! ChiChi and Sally happily bounce around in the background.
Excite 1: The covers on the windows open up and a fleet of spaceships can be seen following!
Excite 2: The UFO reaches Earth! (I didn't know there's a giant "Welcome" sign located at the North Pole? You learn something everyday...)
Lottery: Meteor Shower! The ship crashes into an asteroid! (Okay, it's not a meteor shower...)
Music: "Allegretto Break", Techno-pop? Much better than "Uwasa no Kapoera" and the song from Bust-A-Groove, but then, anything would be better than that piece of crap (the English one)! Maybe because there's no lyrics this time...
Rest Pattern: 8 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 8 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 16 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 4 (both) [TOTAL: 60]
Others: One of the best stage designs in the game, in my opinion! It's kind of distracting when the asteroid hits the ship... for some odd reason, it makes me lose my rhythm.



Description: You're on a Pirate Boat! Need I say more?
Excite 1: It starts to rain lightly...
Excite 2: A trapdoor is triggered! The dancers fall into the cargo hold. Amazingly, no one even stops dancing after a fall like that!
Lottery: Pirate swords dance around the characters... Couldn't think of anything, I guess. Oh, yeah. The treasure chest opens up and the cauldron in the background spews out some green gas (Gas-O's in there?).
Music: "Zombie Hopper", Rock music! Almost Heavy Metal... Great drums here!
Rest Pattern: 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 8 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 16 (both) [TOTAL: 64]
Others: Attack during the temporary darkness after falling into the trapdoor! I'm pretty sure the opponent can't see you attack. But maybe he's thinking the same thing? Song's pretty cool... too bad the stage sucks.


HUSTLE DANCE FLOOR (Hiro-kun/Hustle Kong)

Description: In a 70's disco, complete with floor lights, fireworks, laser lights, disco ball and giant screen in the background.
Excite 1: Small display of fireworks.
Excite 2: Lights turn on and off and laser lights show! Also, the dance floor is raised a bit.
Lottery: A giant Hustle Kong busts out of the giant TV screen in the background!
Music: "Let the Music take Control (Hiro's Groove)", Disco! (what else?) This is definitely not as good as his theme song in Bust-A-Move 1. But, how could they top "The Natural Playboy"? In fact, this song (The Natural Playboy) is being used as a song for a commercial for "YuYu Hakusho" (GhostFighter in the Philippines)!
Rest Pattern: 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 4 (none), 8 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 18 (both) [TOTAL: 62]
Others: Attack when Excite 2 occurs! Maybe you're opponent won't notice... I was hoping that his stage was filled with people this time, cheering on Hiro-kun! Shucks! No luck.


THE KITTY-N SHOW! (Kitty-N/Michael Doi)

Description: A television studio! (Gee, the cameramen sure look stiff!)
Excite 1: The background poster is rolled up and a futuristic city poster remains. Various spaceships start flying out (hung on wires).
Excite 2: Some lights fall from the ceiling. They crash onto the cameras, exploding and causing them to spin out of control!
Excite 3: The Studio signs off due to technical difficulties!
Lottery: All the lights (well, there's still some light) fall from the ceiling.
Music: "Hello, Kitty-N", J-pop! Very cool sounding! It's not as good as "Aozora No Knife" or "Bust-A-Groove" from her previous game. After a while, her music will get on your nerves! (In 1-Player Mode, her stage is one you'll encounter frequently!)
Rest Pattern: 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 14 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 5 (both), 4 (none), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 20 (both) [TOTAL: 83]
Others: Excite 3 happens only the neutral dance before the 3rd dance solo. This will only occur if you manage to get Excite 2 before that time.



Description: A scene of a traffic accident. (for God's sake, Kelly's probably causing the traffic with that delicious police costume with the VERY, VERY SHORT SHORTS!
Excite 1: The helicopter flies off and manholes start popping out from the ground.
Excite 2: For some strange reason, a chalk outline on a body (like after a murder scene) comes to life and dances in the background! (Must be the VERY, VERY SHORT SHORTS of Kelly! Even inanimate objects come to life at the sight!)
Lottery: A police squad car comes careening down the street at a high speed, loses control, and jumps OVER the dancers, crashing into a heap! Pretty cool effect.
Music: "Moonlight Party ~Clap your Hands", Cool song... (better than her original song, "Transform") Rhythm-and-Blues? Very soothing! But her dance... I LIKE!
Rest Pattern: 8 (both), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 2 (Player 1), 2 (Player 2), 8 (both) 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2) [TOTAL: 56]
Others: How can I concentrate on the stage with Kelly dancing in those VERY, VERY SHORT SHORTS? I just wish I knew what the message of the song here is...



Description: Bridge leading to Tokyo. A giant Robo-Z is standing in the river while his opponent is in a helicopter.
Excite 1: The police arrive at the scene! Bombs are dropped on the giant Robo-Z Gold.
Excite 2: A missle tank appears and fires at Robo-Z! Lottery: The missle tank fires but hit the bridge by mistake! Ooops!
Music: "Acid Line", Techno-pop. Look! My foot is tapping... As good, if not better, than "Flyin' To Your Soul" from Bust-A-Move 1, his song before.
Rest Pattern: 12 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 12 (both), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1) 24 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 4 (both) [TOTAL: 76]
Others: This stage is only selectable in 2-Player mode if you've released Robo-Z and if one of you selects Robo-Z Gold. I really love the music here!



Description: A place that defies description!
Excite 1: Dancers are transported to the Phantom Zone! Well, not really. Just a dark place with weird lights!
Excite 2: The room is filled with lights, as if they are dancing inside a giant prism!
Lottery: The background gets filled up with circles with symbols in them... Getting dizzy... I think I'm gonna throw up...
Music: "Enka 1", Alternative/New Age/Techno. Think Bjork! Very, very fast tempo! Amazing that his(?) dance moves are extremely slow!
Rest Pattern: 16 (both), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 16 (both) 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 4 (Player 1), 32 (both) [TOTAL: 96]
Others: The most freaky, insane stage I've ever seen! And I mean that for all games I've played! This stage becomes selectable after releasing Pander. Wow! The music has a maddingly fast beat!


* - This man says it is Burger Dog. It has similarities but this Dog is different than the one from the original Bust A Move. Just look closly.