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Game Info

Bust a Move has been through a lot of changes. The characters dance better, the stages are much cooler with many surprises depending on hwo well you do, songs have changed, the style of the directions changed, and lots more.

Say you play try 1st player mode. You pick a character. After you do, a box appears that says:


What do these mean and what's it all about?


All you use is the arrow buttons to dance. the circle button is to attack/reflect and the "x" button is to dodge. Here is a example:


It is the same as the directions in the original Bust A Move EXCEPT to attack/reflect is the R1 button and to dodge is the R2 button. Here is the Example:


Of course, the hardest way to play. If you keep practicing it gets easy. Not only do you use the arrows, x, and O. You use also the square and the trangle button. The attack/reflect button is the same as normal, same with the dodge button. Here the example:



Reflecting-This process was not in the original Bust A Move. This is kind of tricky. When your opponent attacks you must press your attack button at the EXACT beat. Your opponents attack hits him/her instead of you. But your opponent can dodge the attack.

Attacking-Almost all of the characters has a different attack then the first one. Hiro seems to have the same attack throwing his fabulous picture. Attacking is important to get a lot of points. If you attack before a solo and your opponent gets hit, you take his solo. Yup, You can be the only one dancing in the solo part. You get major points.


Menu - The catagories in the Bust A Move Main Menu

1st Player - Player against the computer. You don't go against every main player. Like you might not play against Tsutomu or Hiro-kun. There's a chance you go against a secret character.

For the Secret Characters-If you play Hiro, do not expect Hustle Kong to be the new secret character you get. It is Random. I got Hustle Kong by playing Kitty N. Sometimes it ay happen. When I played Shorty, I got Columbo.

You are going to see something like this.

* * *
* * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *


* * *
* * * * *
This is where you start -> * * * * * * * * *


Once you reach here, you get to play against pander-> {* * *)
Same for this when you go higher up->(* *) * * *
If you get fever time for all three you go higher up. If not you just stay at that level ->(* * *) * * * * * *


2nd player - It is when a player go against a player. No matter who picks their character first, both players can choose a stage. Each player chooses if they want to play EASY, NORMAL, MIX. The color of the characters name will tell you what they have picked. Unlike the original Bust A Move you can play in Robo-Z's stage BUT one person has to be Robo-Z.

NOTE-You must get Robo-Z to get his stage. ________________________________________________________________

Practice - It is a little bit different. This time you can choose any stage you want. Also, you know the thing that helps you with the beat? It has changed also. You don't try to click when the white line hits the thick Yellow line (it sounds confusing, sorry).

****Section Under Construction****


Dance View - This didn't change that much. More info soon



Sounds - Same as the original Bust A Move. Except it doesn't include Robo-Z's song in the music. There is a way in the secret Page. The bad part is is that the sounds (not the music) aren't a lot. Like 3 sounds. Don't about this part. It is mainly the same as last time


Memory - This has:

Auto Save

The good thing about this game is that is automatically loads so there isn't much need for the load. You can Save or Auto Save. Auto Save is if your sure that the memory is in the first slot. I mainly use Save (just to be on the safe side)


Vibration - If you have a controller that vibrates, you just choose if you want the vibation on or off. When ever you get hit the controller vibrates. It is a good feeling, right? BUT i advise you to avoid being attacked.