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Always as one...

As I stand beneath a canopy of pines

the birds sing to me a soft melody

a mountain stream flows at my feet~

and in it I hear the water whisper your name.

I gaze up at the clear expanse of blue sky~

as brilliant and mesmerizing as

your eyes when you look at me,

and see clear thru to my soul.

I look at the majestic mountain peaks in the distance

and in them I see the broadness of your shoulders,

the strength of your arms,

as they encircle me and pull me close,

safe from all harm.

a gentle breeze blows,

and i feel the wind ~

as soft and warm on my skin

as the touch of your hand.

In all that I see

everywhere that I go

whatever I touch

and in all that I do

you are always there with me~

holding my hand

filling my heart

sharing my spirit

touching my soul.

We are always... as one...

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"What Is "True Love"

What is "True Love"?

For we know the famous name.

But does it match the movies,

And all its fortune and fame?

Is it with you all the time?

Do you feel it deep within?

Is it when you think about her,

And it brings a little grin?

Can you carry Love in you?

Is it really in your heart?

Is that really what is aching,

Whenever we're apart??

Do we show it in our talks,

For hours, on and on?

What about romantic times,

A kiss or two at dawn?

But "True Love" is more than these,

For it must last through all fights.

The bitter disagreements,

And the many sleepless nights.

When Troubles get to much,

And the hills they look so steep,?

That is when "True Love" will shine,

And you feel it oh so deep.

For when you need it the most,

"True Love" will be right there.

To show you all the wonders,

When you need someone to care.

"True Love" will stick with you,

Through all the thick and thin.?

It will not care about your past,

Or where all you have been.

"True Love" won't care how you look,

When you wake up in the morn'.

It makes you think about the Future,?

Will a little girl one day be born?

But "True Love" is so rare,

And saved for a certain few.

Thank God it was saved for us,

Thank God also for you!

-Spirit Wind

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