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Fugitive Trivia

  • Harrison Ford had never seen a single episode of the
    TV series "The Fugitive"(1963),upon which the film was based.

  • A train was actually crashed for the movie, although
    Kimble jumping free was a superimposed image.

  • Ford damaged some ligaments in his leg during
    the filming of the scenes in the woods.
    He refused to take surgery until the end of filming
    so that his character would keep the limp.
    The limp can be seen in any subsequent
    scene where Richard Kimble is running.

  • The train scenes were filmed in Dillsboro, North Carolina.
    The engine used (which was not destroyed) now pulls a dinner train.
    During a ride on that train, props from the making of the film can be seen,
    including the prison bus and the shell of the engine that crashed into the bus.

  • A destination indicator on a subway train reads "Kimbal,"
    and the next shot tracks over a building which has a sign reading "Harrison"
    (two actual Chicago locations).

  • While chasing Kimble through the parade, Gerard touches a sign
    that reads "Kitty O'Shea at the Hilton Towers," an ad for
    the bar at the hotel where the climax of the film takes place.

  • Actor Richard Jordan died of a brain tumor early in the production
    and was replaced by Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbe (Dr. Charles Nichols)

    Trivia courtesy of Internet Movie Database

    Want to learn about the true case this movie was based on?
    Visit Dr. Samuel Sheppard, The Fugitive - from The Crime Library

    Awards and Nominations

  • Academy Awards,1994
    Best Supporting Actor-Tommy Lee Jones

  • Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1994
    Favorite Actor - Action, On Video
    Harrison Ford

  • British Academy Awards 1994 Best Sound

  • Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 1994
    Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones

  • Golden Globes, USA 1994
    Best Performance by an Actor/Supporting Role
    Tommy Lee Jones

  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 1993
    Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones

  • MTV Movie Awards 1994

    Best Action Sequence for "The train wreck".

    Best On-Screen Duo
    Harrison Ford
    Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones Sound Archive



    Big Dog

    Big Dog is always right!

    Happy and Handsome?

    What a mess!

    Don't care!

    Closing lines:

    Dr. Richard Kimble: I thought you didn't care?
    U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don't! [laughs] Don't tell anybody, OK?

    Awarded February 20, 2000