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~*Julie's Homepage*~
~*~*~I'm making a lot of changes. Bookmark this Page~*~*~

Links: My cousin Ian's page..... My friend Anna's Page..... My friend Ali's Page..... My friend Megan's Page.....
Here's a kiss for ya
~*~*~loc'ed out and blazed the weed get on tha roof let's get smoked out and blaze with me 2 in tha morning and we still high assed out screamin' 'thug till I die' before I passed out - Life Goes On In this game the lesson's in your eyes to see Though things change, the future's still inside of me We must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark So you will always be in my heart, with unconditional love Just lay your head on my shoulder Don't worry bout a thang baby Girl I'm a soldier (huh) Never treated me bad, no matter who I was You still came with that, unconditional love -Unconditional Love ---Tupac--- ~*~*~

~*SHOUT OUTS*~ ANNA- hey there cherry, i know i'm chink, but it'll change someday! PEAS!!! you die, i die (always). What's on that Car??? someday we'll be singers. Pumpkin Pie when you're sick. We each gained 3 pounds in 1/2 an hour. Hey Tyler, Big or Little??? Hey, this tastes like chicken.....wait, it is. Any flap cream?!? Do you ever pick ur boogers and put them on ur mom's wall? Mickey ate the poor monkeys in ur ear :-( Flashback- it's the end of the movie, and i get up and start dancin like crazy. If it wasn't for you, i would be alive, and thats the truth; I will owe you forever! CHIZZ- Those fuckin dirty jewish afganistans must die! That night at Matt's was great!!! We will be best BUDS for life! No one messes with u cuz they're scared. LOL. ALI- hey there cher! bub will always be my boyfriend. we learned everything we know from lesh! you were ahead of me with the guys, but i caught up! Leopard queen! No Nelly for you. hehe. JIMMY- i am an evil, vicious, savage dog that will hunt you down and rip out your throat. you keep telling yourself that! oh you think so do you. dimmy, why you do this to me? you're a gayfer, a lesbian seagull, and have a huge pink flamingo! i swear, i'll bite you! how come you know more about me than i do? hey, lets go in rachel's bathroom, i gotta "talk" to you...... LuLu & Emily- Hey, What's goin on? GEEE....... i still can't believe you guys carried that couch all the way down those stairs. Dude, we have to steal a new egg every year! I love you guys sooo much! ANNE- i have a secret, i have a tissue. don't bring butterfly clips to an orchestra concert, or your mom might fart! the po-lice are comming! MEGAN- i'll always win when we fight, but you might break my nose. you're a pimp. never again will we share a dime (you know what i mean, you might black out). flashback......i'm about 5 and i walk up to your door and say "do you wanna play barbies?" then you learned about sex. DANIEL- Together we shall reign supreme over this world, or something like Watch out, or the corn people will bomb you. Don't throw lima beans or a bracelet might break on ur friends head. haha. Misty will never know the secret of the world, it lies in our hands. We will find the meaning of E****, it just takes time. DERRICK- you were my first love and my true love. never forget the 'breadstick boys' flashback.....adam yells through the door, "derrick, your mom is comming" and we run out of the room. How was the back seat of that car with Jessica??? I bet you had fun! HAHA SAM- fishes don't have problems. "platapussies down below, platapussies in between, platapussies up above where they can not be seen" then sam yells, "look, keegen's a tree and i'm a zebra" *~

I also have two golden labrador puppies. One male, Mike, & one female, Maddie,. They are brother & sister. They were born July 4, 1998.If you would like to see some pictures of them, click here

I also collect Milk Mustache Posters. I have over 30 different ads and the offical book which cost me $20. You probably think I'm retarded, but oh well. :-)

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