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SEPTEMBER  2002                       


These pictures were taken by members of the ROC Navy Veterans Association. This is a group of about 200 demobilized sailors and officers.  " In Taiwan we have 2 years compulsory military service.  So some of us went to the navy for just 2 years of service.  Others took the Navy as a life career.  Our ages range from the 20s up to the 60s"    Alex Wu was a sailor aboard the ROCN DDG-921  (former USS Hanson) as a Gunner's Mate from 1996-1998.  He is now living in Christchurch,  New Zealand.   Alex signed our guest book with information about the Lloyd Thomas / Dang Yang being prepared to be a fish farm and gave us access to these pictures and information.  Click on the picture to see a larger size.


"I have some Dang Yang photos which were taken on September 4, 2002 by one of my navy mates in a fish port of East Taiwan. It is known that the Dang Yang will soon become a man-made fish farm.  You can see many holes drilled on her hull.  
Don't be too sad . . .  for the Dang Yang will be living in our minds forever. "

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These pictures are on another site.  
"You can see it's so rusty on the LT's upper body (especially the bridge). 
 It is because she was used as a missile target.  Poor her .... suffering so much !! "

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Aft Boiler        Aft Engine            Front Boiler        Front Engine    Stern Berth


  HitByMissle.jpg (74604 bytes)          Mount52.jpg (99683 bytes)          Officer'sBerth.jpg (95301 bytes)
  Hit by Missile        Mount 52        Officers' Berth    

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September 18 Email   . . . .  Once a Sailor,  Always a Sailor
" We feel sad to see these pictures . . .  and there are 4 more gearings on the fish farm list.  
They are ROCN 915  (USS Herbert J. Thomas  DD-833), 
ROCN 920  (USS Shelton DD-790)
ROCN 926  (USS Leonard K. Mason  DD-852

September 18 Email . . .  These days many of our naval veterans went to visit your old LT.  
Now I can share lots more photos with you.   
Site provided by my mate  (He was aboard the ex  USS Power.   
Sorry about the Chinese encoding ". . (We copied the following pictures from that site.)   

These pictures were taken on September 13, 2002

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