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Lady Breannaa de Arcy

Greetings,my name is Lady Breannaa de Arcy. I live in a Magical Medieval land called 'Elanthia.' I am a Sylvankind Bard, who occasionally sings for her supper if I truely must. Most of the time though, you will find me out hunting fearsome creatures for gems and other treasures. Presently, I am residing in Wehnimer's Landing, where you can sometimes find me resting at the Wayside Inn, conversing with a few family members and friends. My home is on Teras Isle, up in Canyon Ridge. Wonderful place, interesting neighbors too. (Wink) I have two sisters, Lady Lmerri and Lady Allura, both very charming Rogues. My daughter is the Empath Lady Keraa, don't get any idea's lads, she is headed for the Convent. My son is the Cleric Lord Ambian, a handsome dwarf. I also have a nephew, Lord Ochreon, a powerful wizard. My uncle is the esteemed Sorcerer, Lord Beigarion. Ahh, such is life in this enchanted land. I have a lovely family except for one thing, there is not a decent Bard amongst the lot of them! (Bah) You would think at least one of them would want to follow in my footsteps..........

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