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I had been traveling the lands far and wide, when I stumbled upon this outcast Mage. We started conversing and he told me at one time, he was very favored by his King and greatly honored in his homeland. Until one day, he made this magical item for his beloved King, but when the King used it he vanished into thin air! Unfortunately, his King was never to be seen or heard from again. For this deed he was banished from his home, with a warning never to return again! From that day to this one, he had done naught but wander about the lands aimlessly. After listening to his sad tale of woe, I decided to offer him a place to rest his weary feet. I gave him this room and in return he recreated all the places I had been to so far. If you want to follow me in my travels, just point at a picture and you will be magically transported there! I must ask a favor from you though.....I beg thee, please do not disturb the Mage. I am afraid he may lose his concentration and you will end up in some unknown place, never to return again, just like his King!!! For you see the magical item he gave the King, he is now holding in his hands. One thing more I beg of thee, if you come across the King tell him, 'His subjects are awaiting his return.'

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My Teras Memories for all to see..

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Some old bones and a Cackling Cleric are waiting for thee!

Lady Dorothea is waiting for thee

Journey onward and you shall see


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Come with me into the Mist!

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