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The Excalibur of Wisdom

Breannaa's Musings

Up or Down.........
there are no real faces to be found.

In your mind's eye,
they are truly there.

You see their written words,
then all becomes clear.

Who are the characters who live in this magical place?
Are they Dark elf, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, Halflings, Sylvankind,
or even some of the Human race?

Come to Elanthia I gently ask,
Will you be a Bard, Cleric, Empath, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard...
or a mighty Warrior of old repast?

Will you be the victorious Warrior of Light who draws forth this Sword of Righteousness from the Stone?
Will the Excalibur of Wisdom be yours to hold?
Will you use it as a pointer to guide your life in Gemstone III?
Will you uphold honor in the lands of Elanthia and be courteous to all who pass your way?
Venture forth then traveler and read the ways of this land that my scribe has so patiently detailed for you.
Then never again will you have to ask who, what, or where are the Masters of this land, for you will know.
If you read these scrolls and follow the ways described, you will be welcomed with opened arms.
We will rejoice with you in Elanthia.
When you are ready go to my Inn, your journey in learning to hold the Sword of Wisdom begins there.


Make haste!

Come to........ Lady Breannaa's Inn!

As Heard around Elanthia...
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Words to Live by
The Desiderata

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Always Remember...
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