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My Gemstone Writings...

Well met traveler, I am Lady Breannaa de Arcy a Bardess by profession, a Sylvankind by race. I thought you might like to know a little bit about this game, so without further ado, I will explain a few things to you. Gemstone III is a text based, muti-user, online, fantasy role playing game. Geez, that was a mouthful, try saying that really fast 5 times! Make it 6, just for grins.(wink) It is a magical land where your fantasy begins with adventures, magic, friendships and even sometimes romance. At any given time, there are over a thousand real people in the land of Elanthia, all enjoying their own adventures and interacting simutaneously. There are tons of spells, dozens of skills to learn, 8 races and 7 professions to choose from. Discovering these should keep you busy for quite some time and believe me I know! After being here four years, I am still learning new things. For more information on the professions, skills and races check out my Guides.

When I first arrived in Elanthia, there were only two main towns where people lived. One was Wehnimer's Landing, that is where I lived and the other was Kharam Dzu on the Isle of Teras, where the Legends lived. Now there are the towns of Icemule Trace, River's Rest, Sol Haven and a little trading post called Pine Far and they just completed the Elven Nations recently. It has over 12,000 unique locations in which to explore until your hearts content. Some real gems are even hidden here and if you find one, you will receive it's equivalent. It has really grown in my time here, many changes have taken place, some good and some bad. More importantly though, as I traveled through these lands, I met many real people, who are still a part of my life today.

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GemStone III is the most popular multiplayer online game ever created.

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