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You see Lady Keraa deWorthe.
She appears to be a Sylvankind of the Kytawa D'ahranal.

She appears to be in her 800's.

She has almond-shaped amber eyes and fair skin. She has long, flowing amber hair swept back from the temples. She has a delicate face and high cheekbones.

She is holding a nightmare black katana which seems to absorb all light around it in her right hand.

She is wearing a thin black hair cord with small gold bells and silver stars knotted at the ends, an immaculate black opal earring, a crystal amulet, an ancient golden-scaled bag secured with a blackened invar clasp, a laje banded tower shield, a black leather hooded cloak, some forest green brigandine, a golden glaes spider charm, a furry black goat pin, a shimmering black silk bodice, a gold bracelet, some dark gold claw-tipped finger-armor, a low-slung gold chain belt, a finely spun flowing black spidersilk skirt embroidered along the hem with golden thread, a blackened myklian scale scabbard, a black leather coin purse, a gold buckled black suede hip satchel, some petite black kidskin boots

She has a sleeping gold dragon tattoo on her thigh

Name: Keraa deWorthe
Race: Sylvankind
Profession: Empath (shown as: Solacebringer)
Gender: Female
Age: 800
Level: 62

Currently....................Stat Bonus

Constitution (CO): 86...18
Dexterity (DE): 64........12
Discipline (DI): 83........11
Logic (LO): 100...........25
Intelligence (IN): 79.....14
Strength (ST): 100........25
Reflexes (RE): 76.........18
Charisma (CH): 63.......11
Wisdom (WI): 100.......25
Aura (AU): 73.............16
Mana: 186


When you tap the heels of your boots on the ground, your stomach leaps into your throat as you feel yourself drop into the ground! A heartbeat later, you spring out of the earth, finding yourself in a different place...

Conversion Chamber, Niche
This small niche has been carved roughly into the rocky wall of the cavern. You also see the conversion vessel with a large sign on it. Obvious exits: out.

You gaze in wonder at your surroundings.

A cobra comes slithering into view. It moves closer to you, hissing dangerously. In one quick motion, it glides up your body and wraps itself loosely around your neck. For a moment, its head hangs in front of your face, holding your attention in its mesmerizing gaze. Then, in one sudden, sharp motion, it darts foward and plants a snake-like kiss on your cheek.
It slithers back down to the ground and as it glides off, you hear a soft hissing that sounds like, "Yesssssss... "

You blink.

You rub your amber eyes in an effort to refresh them.

You feel the blood drain from your face.

You feel a bit weak in the knees and find yourself wobbling.

You say, "Eww how did that thing get in here"

You gag

You remove a soft cloth from in your golden-scaled bag.
You furrow up your face and wince.
You vigorously rub at your face with your soft cloth.

You shiver

The Furry Thing

You see a little furry thing come scurrying through the gate.

You gasp.

You are not quite sure what to make of the furry thing, as you have never seen anything that looks quite like it. Stopping a moment, you try to commit this creature to memory so that you can tell tales of it to your fellow adventurers back in the safety of the local tavern.

You cower away from the little furry thing.

You see Lord Xeto trying to pinch the furry thing and he is told that:

He is going to get a bad reputation if he goes around pinching every furry thing he sees.

A little furry thing gestures at Keraa. A translucent sphere forms around Keraa.

You smile at a little furry thing.

You gesture while calling upon the lesser spirits to aid you with the Wall of Force spell... Your spell is ready.

You gesture at little furry thing. A wall of force surrounds a little furry thing.

The little furry thing chitters.

The little furry thing scurries up the gate and sits on top the post.

You gaze up.

You notice a scuffy fenghai.

You glance at a scuffy fenghai.

The scruffy fenghai seems to be a furry little ball with feet. Sparkling eyes peer out from a mop of russet fur, looking about with a happy curiousity. Stubby arms end in pudgy little hands that appear dextrous despite their dimensions, and the round-toed feet are covered in hair and dirt. While comical in appearance, it is obvious that the furball can take care of itself.

You lean against the gate.

You gaze in wonder at your surroundings.