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Lady Breannaa's Auction Page

Welcome to my *New* Auction page! I will be constantly adding to this page, so if you do not see anything you like now, try again later!


**1) NO WITHDRAWING BIDS! If you withdraw a bid, I will remove you from the list entirely. If you can't pay for an item or really don't want the item, please don't bid on it.
**2) I have the right to withdraw items at any time. Although, I can not see this happening, since I do want to sell the items.
**3) Items will be going once, twice, three times and then SOLD. At which time you will be notified by an escroll from me.
**4) All exchanges will be done in Wehnimers Landing and payment must be made by a Landing promissory note. You will have 4 days to contact me by escroll for pickup, or the item goes back up for sale.
**5) BIDDING - When bidding, please put the description of the item you are bidding on. Also, put your Gemstone name. All bids are to be sent to
**6) Bids are first come, first serve. This means if you bid on an item and someone else has the posted bid, I received their bid first.
**7) BUYOUTS will be posted. If you impress me with an offer, I will list the item as a buyout. NO you don't get a chance to overbid a buyout.
**8) QUESTIONS?? Feel free to ask them. Just send me an escroll and I will try my best to answer them. Please do not IM me with questions or stop me in the lands. I will be more than happy to answer any escrolls you send me.
**9) New items will be added regularly. They will be marked with **NEW** next to them.
**10) UPDATES - I will try to update once a day at least.
**11) Last but not least...HAVE FUN!! Feel free to share this auction. Tell your family, tell your friends! Good luck!
**12) This is an ongoing auction and is connected to this web site. If you want to sell anything here, please escroll me and let me know, I will add you item to my list.

***Send all bids to Valkry23 <---click here

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Now that I have that out of the way...onward to all the items!

Armor, Shields, and Weapons


Chocolates and other hard to find Edibles

Magical Items

Pocketed Belts

New Items

New All Pink Items

Cloaks and other Containers

Footwear and Miscellaneous Items

Jewelry and Toys