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My Teras Memory Album

Welcome to the East Dock and Exchange Booth.

The East Dock

It had gotten quite late by the time I arrived at the East Dock. The wind had whipped up and the moon was out. I was just in time to catch the ferry that departs from here every few minutes. I did not know exactly where I was going, but it looked like a interesting ride. Gah! I ended up in the Kiramon Mines, where the Kiramon Workers and Defenders live. I then realized that I had hardly any spells on me, so I decided to head back to town without further exploring this area. Maybe I should have stayed, I heard the Kiramon were the weakest beasts on all the Isle.

More Memories to continue as soon as I recollect more of my thoughts. Thank you traveler for coming this far with me.

All of the images in my Teras Memory Album are Bryce 3D Images. Just click on the sword to get your own free Bryce Images.

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