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My Teras Memory Album

ALL ABOARD!! After I left the tower, I headed northeast, bringing me to another bridge. I crossed it going east once more, before finally ending up in front of the Teras bank, which seems to be on their main thoroughfare. It was here I met a Lord named Briars, who offered to give me a nice tour of Teras if I joined him.

Lava River

Ok, so call me gullible! This is where I ended up, after joining Lord Briars for his infamous tour! Lord Briars said we are in the Eye of V'tull, before he waved goodbye and vanished. I heard that there are Lava Golems and Fire Elementals here(shivering). Oh no, what is that flowing in the river?

The Lava Flows

Looking closer I see.....EGADS, is that a skull!? Ok, now what to do? Fortuanately, I had the presence of mind to turn my gold ring in front of the bank, before being whisked off by Lord Briars. I will just remove it, and wear it again, and poof.....I am out of here!

The Lava Flows

Safe at last!! After ringing back to the bank, I went south once and then east before arriving at the Temple. I wanted to go in get a few more deeds after making that harrowing escape. I also wanted to give thanks to the God's that be for sparing my life in the Eye of V'tull. I stayed there quite awhile, letting time and my worries slip away.

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