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My Teras Memory Album

Teras Memories that go on and on......

A Warrior's Welcome!

Our first welcome to Teras, UGH! May Oleani be resting peacefully, rather than gaze upon this Warrior's face. He is quite hard to understand, but he appears to be mumbling something about the Terasian Guard, and not leaving any garbage laying around on the ground. Wish it were dusk again, he looks worse than a rolton's arse.(wink)

A Castle in the Sky

After waving goodbye to the Warrior on the dock, we wandered in a northerly direction looking for the Tower, the Statue, or the Gate where most of the people from Teras like to congregate. As we were walking along, I noticed this beautiful castle in the sky to my left. Someone behind me whispered that they thought it was the home of the Emperor of Teras and his wife, Lord Starsnuffer and Lady Leanness the Rogue.

A Castle in the Sky

We continued walking north four more times, then east once, north again, then east one more time, before crossing a bridge, when we finally noticed the Golden Helm Inn to the left of us and this stone tower to the south of us. The tower was very tall, with steps leading up the stairs to the main room. In this room we found people, talking, sharing spells, sending each other mana, resting, some were even playing that gorey game of Terasian Craps(ewwwwwww).

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