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My Teras Memory Album

Welcome Traveler, I hope you will enjoy recollecting my first trip to Teras Isle with me. Ahh, lets see if my memory serves me right. I left for Teras Isle from the Wharf where the East Dock is located in Wehnimer's Landing a few hours before dawn. To board the ship, I had to climb the gangplank which was kind of scary, as it was very rickety. I remember hoping the trip would be worth it, as it cost me 50,000 silvers which I had to hand deliver to the Wharf Office in the form of a note to purchase a ticket even. I had been so nervous the first time I arrived on the Dock, I had completely forgotten my note, which meant I had to run all the way back to the bank to withdraw one. The earliest they would let me board the ship was two hours prior to leaving, which gave me enough time to settle in and get my sea legs before casting off. Upon entering the ship I noticed some stairs leading to the aft deck and a galley door. There were all kinds of folks here with me, other Bards, Clerics, Empaths, Sorcerers, Warriors and Wizards. People of all races too, Dark Elf, Dwarves, Elves, Giantmen, Half-Elf, Halflings Humans, and even some rare Sylvankind, like myself. As the boat was casting off, some people sat down, some stood in groups with their friends talking and laughing. Others offered to cast spells on everyone who joined them. You could hear the Captain shouting to unfurl the masts and to be underway as the matey's were scurrying to and fro trying to hoist up the anchor and pull in the dock lines. I just sat down and rubbed my crystal amulet, so I could listen to the thoughts of others on the amunet from Wehnimer's Landing. I wanted to keep it on as I overheard someone say that when it switched from the Wehnimer's amunet to the Teras amunet, we would be almost to Teras Isle then. As it turned out when we got into Teras range, some people did not even wait for the boat to dock, they just joined groups and magically fogged off the boat, ending up at the Gate on Teras. I found this out quite some time later by accident, when I again ran into them and asked them how they had gotten there. I hear tell that you might not want to try that now though, because they changed the spell and you might end up in Pyrothags in stance offensive. I think that is enough talking for now, let my mind's memories recreate the pictures that it captured on this wonderous trip. I hope my memories bring you as much joy as they do me.

Leaving for Teras

We left for Teras Isle from Wehnimer's Landing early in the morning, it was still very dark out and the sea's were very choppy.(Groan) A few ships left at one time as there is more safety in numbers. You just never know the true perils of the sea until they are upon you!

Ice Ship

As Dawn was breaking an hour into our voyage, a ship that appeared to be made out of Ice suddenly appeared. The Captain said that it was a ship from the Town of IceMule Trace.

Dragon's Lair

Off to our left in the distance I noticed another spectacular sight. The Captain told me it was called Dragon's Lair, which means that we were fast approaching Teras Isle. It was at this point, that some of the traveler's fogged to the Gate on Teras Isle.

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