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You see Lady Lmerri Teesdale. She is holding a curved black blade in her right hand and a laje banded tower shield in her left hand. She is wearing a milky glass waving seaweed diadem, a dragonsbreath sapphire mouse earring, a fancy blue linen cloak, a tiny crystal monkey anklet, a dusky thigh-sheath, a silver and peridot bracelet, some gold-laced sapphire blue boots, a silver-dusted deep blue silk pack, a diamond rose charm bracelet, a soft white doeskin satchel, a tiny pink elephant tattoo, a delicate gold link chain, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, some forest green brigandine, a delicate chainlink belt, a delicate ice blue satin choker, a gilded silver mournbloom pin, a gaudy fake wedding ring, a silver and moonstone pin, a shadowy black alloy lockpick case, a pair of diamond-clasped gloves, a folding lockpick pouch, a soft cerulean-blue skirt trimmed with fine silvery beadwork and sparkling sapphires set into the plush velvet around the hem and up a side slit to the thigh, an embroidered blue linen bodice, a sky blue rose, some deathstone earrings, a crystal amulet and a gold ring.