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Famous Last Words

As heard around Elanthia...just before their demise or even sometimes, after it. (grin)

If you are Patrickroy, you can dispense with words completely and just swear.....(laughing)
Patrickroy's famous last words...Oh Sh@t!
Lmerri's famous last words: Jeez, I'm dead? How did that happen?
Vaaliant's famous, usually late last words "DOH!!!!!!!"

Don't worry it is only a rolton.
I don't see any traps.
It is not trapped.
I can pick the guards pocket.
Follow me.
Trust me.
I'm bored.
You'll be okay, let's hunt.
I know what I am doing.
I can't miss.
Easy kill.
Oh these? I have fought them before.
These creatures don't hit hard.
I ran out of herbs.
Can you lend me some eplox moss?
Have any pothiner grass?
Can you check my DS?
Ranger: I am not lost.
I've hunted here a lot. Just let me get my map out.
We will be fine alone.
I mean sure, I did them in groups before .
I wonder what is down this trail here?
I have enough hp's left.
I am not too low on spirit.
Sh#@t, I forgot to take my weapon out!
Where is my shield?
Wonder what's in here?
Hold on.
Watch this.
Has anyone seen the runner?
Where is the gypsy?
Can I hunt with you?
Forgot to get spells.
Cover me.
I'll will cover you, don't worry about it.
Want to see my new spell?
What does Implode mean?
Going to test my new weapon out.
I wonder what this wand does?
What's this stupid arse's problem?
Well if I remember correctly.
What is this?
Gah! I am out of mana.
I ain't afraid of any women. (uttered in Banshees)
He doesn't look like a warrior.