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Council of Light

The Secret Organization

Sign of Recognition *** Identifies other Council Members
Sign of Warding 1 mana +5 DS
Sign of Striking 1 mana +5 AS
Sign of Clotting 1 mana Stops bleeding
Sign of Thought 1 mana Opens your mind to the thoughts of others
Sign of Defending 2 mana +10 DS
Sign of Smiting 2 mana +10 AS
Sign of Staunching 1 mana Stops bleeding for a greater duration
Sign of Deflection 3 mana +20 DS vs Elemental Attacks
Sign of Hypnosis 1 spirit Stuns your Opponent
Sign of Swords 1 spirit +20 AS
Sign of Shields 1 spirit +20 DS
Sign of Dissipation 1 spirit +25 TD
Sign of Healing 2 spirit Restores all your HP's
Sign of Madness 3 spirit +50 to AS for 10 seconds
Sign of Possession 4 spirit Stuns Multiple Opponents
Sign of Wracking 5 spirit Restores all your mana
Sign of Darkness 6 spirit Teleports you back to the Council
Sign of Hopelessness 11 spirit INSTANT SPIRIT DEATH!