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Thank you for visiting my awards page. I want to thank those who have graciously taken the time to visit my site and have liked it well enough to give me their award.

Lady Breannaa de Arcy

This is my first award, and here is what Becca had to say:
I would be honored for you to display this award on your page. Your site is beautiful! Congratulations,

This is my second award, and here is what Anthony had to say:
Its Cool people like you that make the internet a great place to hang out!
Anthony Bellville
ICQ : 7704289

This is my third award, and here is what Phantasia had to say:
Greetings..... I am happy to present to you the "Enchanted Website Award". Your website was a delight to visit and of course I love that interface set from Moyra's that you have on your mainpage. Moyra does an exceptional job in web design sets. Plus your site is wonderful and informative for those GemStone lovers. Thanks for sharing your magic.
To All Who Dream... ~Phantasia~

My fourth award and here is what Vikki had to say:
Great site you have! You're very welcome to come join us if you'd like
aka/Risa Highwind

My fifth award and here is what Pandora had to say all the way from Austrailia:
Hello My Lady Breannaa de Arcy
You have an excellent website.
Please accept my award for you and your website.
Greetings from Australia.

My sixth award and here is what Eric Nielsen had to say:
I enjoyed surfing your site,
and I am sure everybody else will too.
You have won the Bronze Award!
Eric Nielsen
Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics
Fax: 603-658-9895