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Dear      :

Concerned and compassionate citizens everywhere are outraged to learn of the coming of the rodeo to [LOCATION] and [INSERT SPONSOR'S NAME] sponsorship of an event that is without question, abusive and cruel to living, sentient beings.

There is no longer any place in a civilized society for "amusements" that seek to exploit and profit from the senseless abuse of animals. There is in fact no justification whatsoever for this needlessly horrific and cruel event; indeed, the community at large views your participation and endorsement with great disappointment and disdain.

Rodeos are promoted as rough and tough exercises of human skill and courage in conquering the fierce, untamed beasts of the Wild West. In reality, rodeos are nothing more than manipulative displays of human domination over animals, thinly disguised as entertainment. What began in the late 1800s as a skill contest among cowboys has become a show motivated by greed and profit.

Rodeo events are intentionally violent acts against animals for nothing more than cheap thrills. Animals suffer broken bones, necks, and backs as part and parcel of rodeo events. The extensive physical trauma and psychological terror that the animals experience are obvious. Animals who survive an event with only minor injuries and bruises and the inevitable trauma of being chased, roped, and yanked to the ground by their necks are rewarded by being forced to participate in the same event just a few days later. Commonly, animals do not receive immediate veterinary attention, even when their injuries are severe. Calves, steers, bulls, and horses who are seriously injured are simply sent to slaughter.

The winds of change are blowing and the collective consciousness of society is evolving. Barbaric forms of "entertainment" like rodeos have no real educational or cultural value and are unacceptable in a civilized society; they should rapidly join the likes of human gladiators in the dustbin of history.

I urge you to end all support and association with such inhumane events and to at once take steps to pass an ordinance that would ban such violent and horrific events forever from your community, as has already been done in many enlightened cities around the country.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to learning your decision.